Rummaging inside the Craftbox

Walks on the beach gathering special shells that catch your eye, picking up pieces of roaming driftwood or enjoying the sea air… it’s time for a little escapism.

Whether due to self-isolation or social distancing rules, a walk on the beach might not be possible in real life, but that’s ok. We’re bringing the beach to you! Our next Coronavirus Pop Up Shop post is dedicated to a small business of the beachy variety, and we think you’ll love them…


Enter Casey’s Craftbox.

An artist using driftwood and reclaimed wood to make the most charming, delicate seaside scenes; we fell in love with Jayne Casey’s designs instantly after spotting them online last week.

From charming pastel coloured beach huts, to lighthouses and quaint seaside villages, Casey’s Craftbox is a real treasure trove. We love her ingenuity at turning “trash” from the beach into miniature treasures that evoke memories of a place, time or someone close to you.

Quite simply, her work is charming and a cheery delight to have in your home, office, or give as a gift. We bought ourselves a pink beach hut and have the perfect spot on our windowsill for it to sit when Jayne’s local Post Office reopens and she can resume sending out orders. Until then, we thought it would be rude of us not to share one of Etsy’s best kept secrets for all of our followers who would love a small piece of coastal art (made from the heart).

Be sure to check out Jayne’s other handmade designs, plaques, wreaths and signs too!

(click to enlarge images) 


Business Profile:

Who: Jayne Casey, artist behind Casey’s Craftbox.
What: Handmade coastal art, wreaths and home accessories
Where: Online – via Facebook, Etsy and

Though currently unable to post any orders, you can view Casey’s Craftbox items for sale at

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