Staying social whilst isolating

Our second Coronavirus “Pop Up Shop” post is dedicated to a team passionate about networking and keeping our minds well watered with hot topics and interesting areas for discussion.

Arguably an essential service (from the safety of home of course!) during a time like this, we’re delighted to throw our support behind BrumPod, the UK small business podcast…


We’re big fans of a podcast here at Prosecco and Pie, and with so many of our readers interested in growing a business, finding new customers or perhaps starting something new, it is our pleasure to give this new one a listen.

Don’t be put off by the Brummie association if you’re not local, co-founder Richard Heathcote tells us their burgeoning podcast is something people all over the UK will find useful as most of the topics they discuss are small business centric. The idea to start their own podcast is something some readers might have toyed with in the past. It spawned from three professionals who ran Brummies Networking, a free business networking group in the Midlands. The events run once a month and attract 70 people.

(Team image credit: Jas Sansi)

Although coronavirus hasn’t hit Brummies Networking financially since they don’t charge anything for it, their main challenge is to ensure they stay relevant and remain active online so they’re at the forefront of people’s minds, for when they can resume their much-loved in-person networking events.

BrumPod was their way of continuing to offer value outside of their free events, letting people know about things they might find useful, whether that’s tools/tech/marketing trends that are happening, or getting guests on regularly to discuss what they do, and ensure there’s plenty of useful takeaways for listeners.

If you’re in search of a new podcast, or fancy something to keep you feeling entertained and inspired over the coming weeks give BrumPod a listen. The podcast is available on all good podcast hosting apps and sites.

Business Profile: 
Who: BrumPod: the creation from all-rounder video producer and voiceover artist Richard Heathcote, former lawyer turned business coach Iwan Thomas and regional manager Jason Jones.

What: Podcast for small businesses, by small businesses; discussing the topics that matter to you (because they matter to us); including marketing, networking, generating business awareness, business growth, as well as covering various business tools & technology.

Where: Based in Birmingham, but attracts listeners from across the country.

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