Salvage Yards – Trash or Treasure?

When we posted this photo on social media earlier this week, the response it received was unprecedented.

Where is this place?
Where are you?!

It turns out our impromptu trip to O’Brien’s Salvage Yard in Boldon (South Tyneside) shed light on a hidden gem here in the region that Prosecco & Pie is only too happy to share.

As the new owner of a Victorian Terrace, we’ve been looking for treasures and quirky pieces of furniture to decorate it with. Counting Tynemouth Market, TK Maxx and Not On The High Street as some of our favourites for inspiration, we’d long been wishing for an excuse to visit the region’s salvage yards.

Take a look at some of the treasures we found…



Stepping out of the car you’re immediately greeted by a large open yard filled with bricks, timber, garden furniture, old Butcher’s sinks, abandoned enamel baths and an assortment of ornaments and bric a brac. Total heaven.

Despite the cold, grey, January weather we got stuck in.

Making a note of everything we liked (and mentally totting up how much we’d spent), we headed indoors to their interiors showroom. Pianos, chairs, tables, fireplaces, old radiators, lamps, mirrors, wall art and everything in between is piled on top of each other here and it’s a real pleasure to spend half an hour nosing around. Staff were happy to let me browse and good-naturedly asked the manager if this was his “best price”.

In the end, we left £275 lighter, but with a car boot full of loot (thank goodness for 4x4s). An almost floor-to-ceiling mirror which we plan on putting outside and possibly draping with fairylights, and a cream director’s chair.

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This post is in no way sponsored, we simply couldn’t resist telling the world about O’Briens given how few seem to know about it. Plus, there’s more than enough treasures inside to go around. 


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