Wild Weekends


If you’d asked us this same question two or three years ago, our answer would have been very different…

“Want to scale rocks and get your hands filthy this weekend?” 

Our answer? “Dear god, no way. Who the hell would want to spend their weekend doing that?”

Only those of who were with me at the time know the truth when I idiotically agreed to go hiking in the baking hot desert that is Runyon Canyon in LA. They know the pain, misery and inner-tantrum I was having the whole way up while freshly blow-dried tanned goddesses jogged past me up the near vertical hills.

I felt like sh*t, I was hot, sweaty and tired. I felt inferior compared to everyone else and completely out of my comfort zone the whole way up. Getting to the top of course, was a complete different story. Suddenly all of the panting and puffing melted away and I forgot about feeling crap.

Fast forward a couple of years and guess what I now like to do on a weekend…

Funny how things change, isn’t it?

Don’t get me wrong, I still huff and puff my way up, my inner voice telling me “we are never doing this again” but then you get to the top, and it’s wonderful.

Best friend Ashleigh has signed up to climb Mount Kilimanjaro so in the spirit of friendship, we decided to create our very own Sunday Adventure Club to help her with her training and me with my inability to not work on weekends. We pick a walk we fancy doing, pick up a picnic at M&S (no one said we had to scrimp when we got to the top!), chuck my (dusty) old walking boots and we’re off!


After spotting several beautiful shots on instagram, this week we headed south down the a19 in search of the cutely-named Roseberry Topping. Aptly described as a “challenging ascent”, we pulled up in the car park and surveyed our way for the day.

(Bugger, I thought to myself… that looks pretty steep)

A word of warning to those who haven’t been to Roseberry Topping before, it’ll cost you the pricely sum of £4.50 to park for the day which you deposit into the waiting hands of Ken/Dave the parking warden who sits in a little hut on the sidelines and probably uses all of our money to pay for his supply of tea and biscuits he had stashed in the back of his hut.

Nevertheless, we paid up and went on our way… along with a 30 strong group of eager climbers, dog walkers, gaggling groups of fundraisers in fancy dress and super keen parents carrying small children on their backs. Maybe we’d come on a bad day and it’s usually a very quiet spot because making your way up that “challenging ascent” in a queue with seven other climbers at the same time aint easy let me tell you.

The climb didn’t take long, but certainly gets your heart racing! The views of the North Yorkshire National Park(?) as you climb are beautiful. Though we jostled for space at the top of the Topping, stepping over people having their picnic and taking sweaty selfies we eventually found a quiet place to sit and rest.

Far off in the distance we could see a hot air balloon drifting across the bright blue sky, as we sat in the baking hot sun feeling proud of our aching legs for carrying us determinedly to the top.

By the time we reached the car park we were starving so headed 20 minutes or so to Saltburn-by-the-Sea for fish and chips! It was a beautifully hot day, unseasonably warm for mid September but we bloody well made the most of it.

Spotting a pretty looking roof terrace in a beachside cafe called Vista Mar, Ashleigh and I sat in the sun eating our well-earned fish and chips before grabbing an ice cream and walking along the pier. Heaven!



Hot, sweaty and tired we made our way back to the car and headed home. I’m now sat curled up on the sofa with a glass of red wine in hand and a bar of my favourite chocolate going down very well – a Sunday well spent I’d say!



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