Chasing Waterfalls…

Swapping ballet pumps for walking boots.. wild swimming, sparkling wine, chasing waterfalls, river rapids, mossy carpeted woodland and more… 

Welcome to the Lake District, Prosecco & Pie style…

We indulged in a girls weekend like no other earlier: fresh air, wind in your hair, getting your hands dirty and faces hot and sweaty walking through wind, rain, clambering up hillsides and scrambling across rocks in search of waterfalls – all washed down with generous helpings of delicious pub grub and plenty of prosecco. Just what the doctor ordered…

Swapping busy city life for a slower pace 80+ miles north west to the Lake District, we were staying in Cockermouth nearby Wordsworth House (who just so happens to be a distant relative of a relative of mine which means we’re practically related) – Cockermouth a perfect base for exploring the lakes.


Day 1 – 
We had a route planned in search of a particular wild swimming spot around the Stanley Ghyll Force waterfall walk and spent several happy hours wandering in wonder off the beaten track…

Finally we found it: a shimmering chute dropping 20 metres or so into a deep, dark plunge pool enclosed by mossy rocks and tropical-looking ravines. We scrambled on hands and knees up nature’s staircase of rocks, over wooden bridges and across rivers to reach the very top. The braver of our group might have thrown caution to the wind and jumped off the top but we decided to retreat back to Dalegarth Bridge and take a look at its rocky pools below.

Trees 1,000 times taller than you, a soft mossy green carpet covering the woodland floor beneath your feet, the sound of silence was punctuated every so often by rushing water or lone sheep on the hills.

Nobody around us but the ancient beauty of crumbling dry stone walls and fellow walkers eating their sandwiches overlooking the enormous valleys beyond. I could feel the peace and tranquility sinking into my bones, our day made when we stumbled upon the most perfect beauty spot by accident and spotted a lone heron sitting gracefully, unknown he was being watched on the water before us.


We packed everything we could into this three day trip over Bank Holiday weekend – walks, lazy wanders around Cockermouth and Grasmere, ice creams in the sunshine, leisurely pub meals and chatting to locals before a hilarious and unforgettable canoeing trip on Ullswater.

Ashleigh and I have never laughed so much in our lives as we did that day. Both absolute beginners at canoeing, we weren’t about to let that stop us and that’s the spirit of our friendship, the glue that sticks us together.

Day 2 –
Hopping into our canoe and figuring out how to work it after a few spins around the lake we were instantly hooked. The British weather was perfect for once, rays of hot sunshine hitting the water so it sparkled, with just the right kind of gentle breeze brushing past our faces as we giggled and rowed, grinning from ear to ear.

We learnt so many new things about ourselves on this trip, tasted new food, drank divine wine, witnessed new natural wonders, experienced new feelings, got muddy, got wet, got sunburnt and spent the whole weekend without so much as looking in a mirror…

What a weekend.




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