The Good Life


Sometimes, the best times are the ones you have in your own backyard.

This weekend, my family, friends and I headed for “the cheap seats” on the beach beneath the crumbling historic ruins of Priory Castle to listen to James Bay, Will Young and Lulu play live as part of the Mouth of the Tyne Festival 2016.

Tickets for the festival inside the Priory are around £70 but we decided to make the most of the perfect (and very unusual balmy British weather) and have a picnic and campfire on the beach.

I’ll let the photos do the talking, because they really do speak for themselves. These were taken over 3 nights and fuelled by plenty of prosecco, sunshine and laughter. Check out the photo above below¬†when a boat decided to steal centre stage from James Bay and create a huge heart in the sea – it sure made for a picture perfect setting.

Catching up with friends, live music, toasting marshmallows on an open fire and skinny dipping in the early hours… what more could you want from your weekend? Nothing!


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