P&P On Tour: The Sky’s Your Limit…

I highly recommend starting your day at the top of a skyscraper. 

Standing almost directly opposite the Empire State building which we climbed last night, we woke up early after an amazing night’s sleep and headed the few blocks away to the famous Rockefeller Centre shortly before 8am.

Beating the queues this time, we rocketed up 70 floors in record time to see New York city’s skyline as the sun came up at the “Top of the Rock”.

We stepped out onto the viewing platform to complete silence and a crystal clear view. There’s no other way of putting it other than it took my breath away, because it truly did. The city looked equally as beautiful in the daylight, almost like some kind of toy town as you looked down at the tiny yellow cabs moving in straight lines below, spotting miniature airplanes in the sky above the city’s skyscrapers, so small you could pluck them straight from the sky!

This time we truly got to appreciate the stunning symmetry and architecture of the city – from the perfect rectangle that is Central Park to the gold leaf spire of the Chrysler Building and gargantuan One World Trade building – now the city’s tallest building. Up here, nothing else mattered. You’re completely caught in the moment and care only about what you can see, hear and feel at that moment.

The crowds didn’t take to come, obstructing our perfect view so Ashleigh and I headed back down to earth in search of breakfast. A total pro at New York life, Ashleigh insisted we go to a cute local diner called Astros.

A perfectly frothy cappuccino, poached eggs, toast, turkey sausage, crispy potatoes and an orange later (it’s an American thing) we found ourselves refuelled and exceptionally well fed. Breakfast here in New York sets you up for the whole day, which is just as well as we had lots to see.

(Click images to enlarge) 

We spent our day ticking off tourist hotspots our list: Grand Central Station, New York Library (where Carrie Bradshaw almost got married – #sorrynotsorry), the World Trade Center memorial and hit the shops before happily stumbling upon the world-famous Magnolia Bakery on Bleecker Street for a red velvet cupcake and vanilla cheesecake to share.

Eating, drinking, exploring is what this blog does best and we certainly excelled at it during this trip. Returning back to the hotel for a quick outfit change, we caught the subway downtown for a slice of proper NY pizza and ended our evening tucked away in Bobo, a beautiful tiled bar in the basement of a charming bar/restaurant townhouse sipping prosecco until it was time for bed.

Could life get any more perfect here in New York?

I couldn’t wait to see what Day Three had in store…





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