Good Spa Guide

Rushing out of the frosty air and into the warmth of Sammy Anne’s treatment room last weekend couldn’t have been more heavenly. Wrapped up warm against the cold, I needed little persuasion to remove my layers and snuggle down into the warm towels and blankets ready to say goodbye to the world for a wonderful interrupted hour and a half of pure bliss.

One of the reasons I love coming to Sammy Anne’s for a massage is because Sammy is a local girl done good. Incredibly talented, qualified and experienced – every little detail that might be important to a customer, is important to her. From the matching towels and beautifully laid out window display, to lovely finishing touches like the local artwork on the walls and the serene atmosphere she strives to create in her treatment rooms – it just works.

All too often I’ve had my expectations and hopes disappointed when I pay over the odds for a massage or spa treatment at a “big name” spa or grab a Groupon offer and for the price, the experience never quite matches up to being memorable. A visit to Sammy Anne’s is the complete opposite for me, she always exceeds my expectations.


Every year Sammy creates a range of special seasonal offers and this year is her best yet! The soothing blend of cinnamon, orange  and clove aromatherapy oils will leave your skin feeling soft, supple and smelling wonderfully like Christmas! Unlike some 60 minute massages in which the minutes seem to pass by alarmingly quick, knowing we had 75 minutes for a full body massage, facial and scalp massage really helped me relax. There was no rush, no sense of urgency just the satisfying feeling of my tight muscles being gently stretched and massaged back to normal.

The warm orange glow of a Himalayan salt lamp cast shadows around the dimly lit room which really helped as the treatment finally came to an end, no sharp light or rush of cold air – just warmth and a slow pace which truthfully stayed with me through the rest of the weekend.

Treat yourself to the dreamy 75 minute full body MOT  for only £35 this Christmas. Professional, experienced and super friendly, I know you’ll love Sammy as much as I do when you meet her.

(Psst, this offer is designed to invigorate and restore YOU, so is not available in gift vouchers. To book call 0191 2515944, appointments are available until 23rd December).



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