Afternoon Tea at Wallsend Hall

Spreading our wings a little further across North Tyneside, Prosecco and Pie took a trip to Wallsend Hall and sampled their afternoon tea for two…

Hidden from view by leafy parkland, Wallsend Hall is a world away from the docks and old Swan Hunter shipyard I’ve heard countless stories about from my Granda whilst growing up. The grandeur of Wallsend Hall is unmissable in comparison to its industrial surroundings – ornate columns and carved stone set the tone for the imposing mahogany staircase and stained glass roof of the formal lounge inside.



Late afternoon sunlight shone brightly into the tearoom (certainly popular on a Wednesday afternoon), casting a warm glow on vintage crockery and crystal sugar pots – little touches of elegance that make afternoon tea a special occasion. Afternoon tea at Wallsend Hall is a traditional affair, a selection of salmon, ham, cheese and pickle and egg finger sandwiches formed the first tier of a gorgeous looking tower of treats. The fruit scones, dusted lightly in icing sugar tasted fresh and homemade, although as an avid raisin hater, it would have nice to have been offered a choice of a plain scone or cheese scone.

As we worked our way through our selection of food, talk turned to the rest of the Hall. Wallsend Hall is the first venue I’ve been to for afternoon tea which plays classical music in the background, it’s such a lovely touch that really elevated our experience and made us feel like were real ladies of leisure (which is what it’s all about isn’t it ladies?!)

As always, dessert was my favourite tier. Miniature Victoria sponges topped with a swirl of vanilla buttercream and lightly filled with strawberry jam were just right. The chocolate cake was gooey and moist but the macaroons were a clear winner. Tangy raspberry contrasted beautifully with the light, chewy meringue. Eat your heart out Ladurée!



I managed to sweet talk my way into getting a private tour of the Hall, portraits and two beautiful reception rooms. Despite its urban location, Wallsend Hall could just as easily be described as an old hunting lodge or country house. I half expected to stumble upon a brood of hens to be clucking around the gardens or a boot room beside the roaring fire.



As the clouds grew dark with rain there was just enough time to wander around the grounds before the rain started and we left the loveliness and headed back to real life.

For £10 per person, Wallsend Hall’s afternoon tea experience is fantastic value for money and we’d definitely go again.

I wonder if they do a Christmas special? Now wouldn’t that be lovely!


5 thoughts on “Afternoon Tea at Wallsend Hall

  1. This review is so perfectly timed, we have ourselves a Living Social deal for Ladies and Gentlemen’s afternoon tea and will be heading to Wallsend Hall a week on Saturday 🙂 This has certainly made my tummy rumble in anticipation!

    Chloe x

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