We Meat Again…

It didn’t take much persuading for me to attend Miller & Carter‘s press day with fellow blogger New Girl In Toon last month, and having thoroughly enjoyed a slice of the good life, I couldn’t resist going back for more.

Steak and chips (served with a generous helping of peppercorn sauce) has been a favourite meal of my mother’s ever since I can remember, so it seemed only right that I brought her along as my plus one as Prosecco and Pie returned to Miller & Carter Steakhouse this week. As we followed our noses along Newcastle’s iconic Grey Street early on Saturday evening, the city streets melted away as we reached our dinner destination and the sleek mahogany interior of Miller & Carter enveloped us. As we were led to our table on the mezzanine level, (where we indulged in a little people watching) I was overjoyed to see our waiter present us with a chilled bottle of Prosecco to kickstart our evening because for once, I wasn’t the designated driver! Nice touch M&C.



We decided to skip starters (although the black pearl scallops and lemongrass and chilli tempura prawns took our fancy) and head straight for the cash cow, it wasn’t long before our table was adorned with skin-on fries, a side of button mushrooms, onion loaf, lobster mac and cheese and Miller and Carter’s signature wedge. (For anyone not in the know, diners are served a hearty wedge of iceberg lettuce generously drizzled in a topping of your choice to nibble at while you await your meat feast.)


Amassing a 12oz sirloin (£16.95) and rib-eye (£19.50) between us, our meat was described as ’30 day dry and wet aged’ on the menu,  and so we awaited our mains with high expectations of succulent meat that fell to pieces in our mouth. Served medium-rare with a seasoned, salty crumb, both steaks exemplified the Miller and Carter message; we fell in love with steak all over again. Traceability and locality is of enormous importance to the chain, and as our waiter explained prior to ordering, every piece of meat that passes through their door comes with its own passport. It feels only right then, that the end product should be as expertly cooked as Miller and Carter does. I’d wanted to try their lobster mac and cheese since spying it on the menu during my first visit and boy, is it delicious. The delicate, yet creamy white sauce worked wonders with soft flakes of lobster and golden cheese – making it an ideal seasonal dish as the wintry weather draws ever closer to our region.



Feeling exceptionally well-fed, we sat back and sipped our Prosecco while contemplating whether we could manage a second course. Having thoroughly enjoyed everything we’d eaten so far, we decided in the interest of a rounded review it was only right to order dessert. One crème brûlée and chocolate pot later and we were in dessert heaven. Served with a homemade shortbread biscuit, the sugar shell of my crème brûlée cracked with a satisfying crunch as my spoon met the light, creamy vanilla custard below.



Five star food, service and an excellent atmosphere means Miller & Carter has quickly become one of my go-to destinations for dinner. Good news for my blog, bad news for my bank account….


4 thoughts on “We Meat Again…

  1. I’m SO jealous you’ve been back again already …. I so wanted to take my friend who was visiting at the weekend, but then remembered she was veggie 😦 Looking at these photos has made me so hungry, really shouldn’t have done that before eating .. ooooooops!

    Chloe x

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