Meals on Wheels

This week Prosecco and Pie was invited to dine at a pop-up restaurant like no other…

Taking the form of a seriously souped-up bus, Prosecco and Pie got to experience VIP life aboard The Co-operative’s hugely popular ‘Tweet4aTable’ pop-up restaurant. Basking in what seems to be the last of the summer sun, the girls and I sat back and enjoyed exclusive views of the city as we tucked into some fantastic food and drink courtesy of the Co-op.



Newcastle may have been the last stop on The Co-operative Food’s hugely popular ‘Tweet4aTable’ event, but it has caused something of a stir as it made its way across the country this summer. The idea behind the campaign is to tweet the Co-op why you and your friends should be treated to a slap up meal, but also to raise brand awareness. I like the concept behind the campaign, and keen to grab the chance of a little more fun in the sun, so myself, Leila and Ellie sat back and relaxed as we were waited on hand and foot by our lovely waitress Lynsey.

The menu promised an assortment of exciting dishes – from buffalo wings smothered in a creamy blue cheese sauce, to a spicy beef and jalapeno bake. Unable to decide on one thing, we ordered everything to share, starting with cheesy nachos served with fresh guacamole and salsa. As rounds of pulled pork, halloumi burgers, spicy pasta and hot wings arrived, we got down to the taste test. My favourite was definitely the pulled pork ciabatta served with plenty of American ‘slaw. Sweet yet smoky, the consistency was just right. Leila and Ellie thought the halloumi burger was the best and we happily polished off our food before taking to twitter with our photos to be in with a chance to win £500 of Co-operative Travel vouchers (fingers crossed!)

What I really liked about the event was the fact that everything we ate was worked out into cost per meal for us, which was a great way to show us that actually,not only can we eat for a lot less than we previously thought, but broaden our culinary horizons too.



Events like this definitely add a sense of fun and excitement to the city; helping foster a sense of community and encouraging people to try something new, I loved being part of the event and look forward to lending my support (or should that be tastebuds?) to others in the future!


Did anyone else manage to tweet themselves a table?
Let me know what your favourite dish was!

2 thoughts on “Meals on Wheels

  1. I managed to squeeze in a visit to #Tweet4aTable on my lunch break on Friday and I had the halloumi burger – it was scrummy! I washed it down with some cloudy lemonade too, fab and free! Hope the co-op makes a return visit with their pop-up restaurant next year!!

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