Crafty Fox

I know what you’re thinking, another afternoon tea post, how can we possibly eat any more dainty cakes?

Well, as you’re about to discover, there is nothing dainty about The Running Fox’s afternoon tea.


WARNING: Do not read if hungry or on a diet

Can’t resist? You little rebel, I like you.

Last week it was my Nanna’s birthday (she was 29 again), and we wanted to take her somewhere special. Like me, she is a big fan of cake,  but despite its recent revival, Nanna had never been for afternoon tea. Although there are lots of lovely places near us, I wanted to make a day of it and The Running Fox in Felton is absolutely perfect.



I find myself in Felton quite often since my friend’s farm is just around the corner, and I adore it here. The views are so picturesque and peaceful down by the river, the old stone buildings are like a scene stolen from Country Living magazine and best of all, everybody is so friendly. You’ll be overjoyed to know that The Running Fox is open seven days a week, so it’s a perfect place to go to on a weekend jaunt up North. I should warn you though, booking in advance (especially for afternoon tea) is highly recommended because boy does this place get busy!

Just 30 minutes north along the A1, take a right off the dual carriageway when you see a sign for Felton and follow the road round until you cross the river. It couldn’t be simpler to find and there’s plenty of places to park down by the river.

Okay, enough of the sensible stuff, let’s move swiftly on to cake!

Unlike any other afternoon tea I’ve had the pleasure of eating, each of you get to choose a slice of pie or quiche, a sandwich, scone AND enormous slab of cake/traybake/other baked good from their artisan bakery. There’s also an endless supply of tea and coffee too.



We opted for a slice of panhaggerty pie, which to anyone who doesn’t know, is a traditional Northumberland flavour of pie typically filled with potatoes, onion and cheese (some people add bacon or cabbage to the mixture too, and it’s absolutely delicious), along with a slice of steak and ale. Our sandwiches came on beautifully thick brown bread (you can choose white if you like). Like the pies, the tuna and cucumber and cheese savoury sandwiches were more than generous in size and so moreish. I really like the range of flavours to choose from too, we weren’t limited to ‘traditional’ afternoon tea finger sandwiches like salmon and cream cheese or ham and mustard.

For our middle tier, we chose a cheese and a fruit scone, the latter being the biggest scone I have ever laid my eyes on (not that I was complaining!) It wasn’t long before I got stuck in to a beautifully soft fruit scone smothered with fresh clotted cream, strawberry jam and topped with fresh strawberries. I loved every single morsel; the cheese scones were rich and buttery (almost like shortcrust pastry but in a good way) and certainly paved the way for our dessert tier.

By now, the four of us were feeling exceptionally full, but you know me, eyes bigger than my belly so I made my way to my choice of dessert: Mississippi mud pie, before stealing a bite of my sister’s raspberry frangipane and nanna’s coffee cake. And then I was sick…

Just kidding, but I was half way to a Christmas dinner-style food coma, so we went for a lovely wander along nearby country lanes in the sunshine to help us digest before driving back to the city.

At £17.50 for 2, afternoon tea at The Running Fox is excellent value for money and delicious! Check out their menu here and let me know if you take a trip!


6 thoughts on “Crafty Fox

  1. As soon as we get a car, this is the first place I’m driving to, it looks just amazing and it feels an absolute crime that I haven’t tried this one yet! x

  2. Pleased you enjoyed your visit to our village. The Northumberland arms is definitely worth a visit. If you wish you can even make a day/night of it and stay in the newly refurbished bedrooms. (Very luxurious) and even get breakfast in the running fox.

    1. Hi John, thanks for commenting – I will definitely stay over! Usually I stay at my friend Julie’s farm if I’m in the area but the Northumberland Arms looks worth a try, especially when followed by breakfast at the Running Fox!

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