Mouth of the Tyne

Beloved for its seascapes and sandy coves, sunbathing on the hills beneath Tynemouth Priory; Tynemouth is the place to be on a sunny day…

Prosecco and Pie

Sunseekers, shoppers and Sunday strollers spill out onto the narrow pavements, as dog walkers, yummy mummies and groups of friends jostle for space along Tynemouth’s narrow streets. Follow the road as it meanders around the coastline and you’ll find Tynemouth Pier, one of my favourite places to go in Tynemouth to escape the hustle and bustle.

Miffy and Daisy have to say hello to every. single. dog. that happens to be playing on Prior’s Haven, before bounding towards you with a sandy nose and wet paws from paddling before we take a leisurely stroll along the pier and I look out to sea and dream of sailing away to somewhere exotic…

Prosecco and Pie

Look carefully along the left side of the pier and you can see remnants of a rail track that was used by trains and cranes for loading ships. Straight ahead is a small lighthouse that stands guard day and night, warning sailors of the deadly Black Middens. Said to have claimed as many as five ships in three days, the Black Middens have shipwrecked sailors for centuries!

Prosecco and Pie

Squint very carefully to your right and you might just see my house tucked away behind North Shields Fish Quay…

With the wind in your hair, and sunlight hitting the sea making it sparkle; the walk takes about 20 minutes, but it’s so peaceful and the views are beautiful! After my peaceful half an hour walking along the pier, watching the ferries return I’m ready to take on the hustle and bustle of Tynemouth and sip an icy cold glass of Prosecco in the sun at Hugo’s.

Who’s joining me?

Prosecco and Pie


P.s) It wasn’t long ago that dolphins were spotted off the end of the Pier! Imagine how magical a day out that would be if you saw some?



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