A Meander Around the Marina

After spending most of the week stuck in bed feeling sorry for myself with a sickness bug, I was in need of some fresh air and sea views when my stomach finally settled this weekend.

In typical North East style, the weather was cold, grey and drizzly. Luckily, I know the perfect place to go whatever the weather. Pulling on my warmest coat and wellies, I rallied the troops for a good old blow-the-cobwebs-away walk to the marina – although Daisy didn’t look too happy about venturing out from under her blanket.

The Royal Quays Marina is about a ten-fifteen minute walk from where I live, but it’s one of those amazing places that makes you feel like you’ve suddenly entered a completely different town. I swear on a sunny day it’s almost St Tropez!

My little brother (although I guess at over six foot tall he can’t really be classed as little any more…) is my trusty dog walking companion and we’ve made it our business to explore as many places as we can near where we live.

The marina is definitely one of our favourite places to walk the dogs, it’s so peaceful wandering along the waters edge choosing which boat we’d have and imagining where we’d sail to. It’s also one of those places where you might not see someone for an hour, but when you do, they’re always friendly and say hello as they pass by.

After our usual meander around the marina, we crossed the road and ventured into Chirton Dene. If you’ve ever been to Jesmond Dene, I think the best way to describe Chirton Dene is as its smaller cousin and a smaller lake. In spring there are clusters of bright yellow daffodils everwhere and I might sneak a few to bring home and put in a vase for mam; come autumn and the whole dene is carpeted in rusty orange and red leaves and I spend my visit peeking amongst leaves looking for hedgehogs who might have crafted themselves a nest for a snooze. Today though, the grass shone a vibrant green in the winter sun and the resident ducks quacked as they made their way across the lake that still sparkled from the early January frost. 

It wasn’t long before Daisy cheered her grumpy face up too: 

Daisy found some ducks she’d quite like to make friends with…

It might not be the incredible beaches and mountains I’ve been exploring in LA lately (and it certainly wasn’t the kind of weather I’ve become accustomed to), but I guess the marina is my little hidden gem at home and if you’re ever in need of somewhere new to explore, you should come too.

If you’re looking for inspiration on places to explore near the coast then I’d be more than happy to help – or if you know somewhere for Jed and me to check out then that’d be good too!


2 thoughts on “A Meander Around the Marina

  1. OMG I love Daisy, and she's such a poser, look at her grinning away 🙂

    I'm thinking I might need a trip to North Shields soon, I've not really been! We walked there from Tynemouth last Summer but we were just looking for the ferry to get across to South Shields so didn't really explore! Are there some nice places to eat there too? You said the word daffodils so you definitely got my attention, I'm a little obsessed with them so I may head that way in the Spring to have a look!

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Haha, Daisy is a little tinker! She is so expressive for a dog – so is my eldest Miffy, it must be a bichon frise thing?! To be honest there isn't much to see in North Shields town centre, it's more of a high street/charity shops, but the Fish Quay is lovely – it's mainly restaurants and a few bars – but there may be talk of some independent businesses coming soon? x

    p.s) I LOVE daffodils too! Spring is my favourite time of year

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